7/10/14 Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing in July

Well today I had a full day fishing in the islamorada backcountry again.  Yesterday I fished a half day for tarpon and we struck out… no bites but we did catch a half dozen sharks.  Unfortunately the half days this time of year can be tough as I am running in the backcountry which takes close to an hour, and then sometimes have to catch bait (which we did quickly).  Even staying a little longer it only leaves a couple hours to fish.  There were a few tarpon in the channels but we got there a little late catching the slack tide.  Anyways it happens that is fishing but today was very good again.  I had bait leftover from yesterday and we got an earlier start and caught the last 45 minutes of the falling tide.  Had 3 bites and caught 1 tarpon, then we caught another on the incoming tide a bit later so went 2 for 4 plus a few sharks.  Spent the rest of the day snook fishing which was pretty good and got 1 redfish also completing a ‘backcountry SLAM’ for one angler!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk