4/17/15 April Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Fished a full day today and stayed local.  The backcountry fishing seems to have slowed down a little the last couple days.  We caught good bait this morning and fished the bridges.  First stop the weed was so horrendous you could barely fish.  Mats of sargasm weed blowing in with the wind and tide.  We did have one bite even through the weed though the fish crushed the mullet and missed the hook.  We left and ran back to some channels where I’d heard there had been some fish.  We had action there right away.  Another bite on a live bait and a few more ‘cheap shots’ that missed the baits, flashed the baits, etc…  Eventually we hooked a fish up on a dead bait and caught him.  After that the tide slowed.  We moved around a bit and we had one other fish up that cheap shotted a bait.  We moved channels and had another bite on a live bait in the next channel over though with the weak tide the fish swam towards us and we weren’t able to get a good hook set.  After that we caught a little more live bait for some freshies.  We ran back out and had another fish eat and as we were chasing after him he jumped and spit the hook.  Tough luck!  After that no more action there and we went back to the first channel we caught a fish in.  Saw some rollers though the weed was bad and we couldn’t get set up where they were without the baits getting in the weed.  So we tried some dead bait fishing in the bay to finish up, had some shark action and a big ray and that was it.  So at least we caught one it took some hard work today.  1 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk