4/20/15 Spring time tarpon fishing in Islamorada stays hot

Well had a couple days off.  Yesterday was a planned day off, though Saturday I had caught bait early and was waiting at the dock for my people.  They never showed up!  Some confusion on their end I think… oh well it was there loss, and was nice to have a couple days off.  Anyways today I was back at it and fishing was pretty good.  We caught bait OK and had pretty good action in the morning.  Incoming tide for most of the day.  Some packs of smaller fish were coming up and we finally hooked one and had another one eat at the same time though we missed him.  Caught the one fish and then had some more blowing up the mullets, and a couple more bites we missed.  It seemed to slow down a little so we ran down the road and caught a few baits on the way.  Got down to the bridges and didn’t see too much going on so I tried another spot further away.  We hooked a fish right away that drug us around for a bit.  Landed him and then repeated that process two more times.  Ended up landing 3 more fish, two large ones of 80 and 110 lbs.  Great way to end the day.  Caught some more bait on the way home as I have the same customers tomorrow, nice to be loaded for the next day!  4 for 8

Capt. Rick Stanczyk