March 1… it’s tarpon time!

Well we had an overall cold February this year so the early season tarpon thing didn’t really happen… at least with any level of consistency.  It was cold front after cold front so the water temps were down in the mid to high 60s most of the month, a little too chilly for good tarpon action.  Not that it was impossible to catch one but I definitely wouldn’t be telling everyone to come and do that.  However we had our last front last week and at least from the forecast I can see it’s steady southeasterly spring time wind for the foreseeable future and the water temps are back into the low to mid 70s.  This should be the start of the tarpon run I know Capt. Stephen was out there catching bait today (he loaded us up on mullet so we’re ready to rumble!) and he saw some schools of tarpon in a couple of different local channels here nearby.  I can say I’m willing to bet some of the backcountry areas are starting to get some tarpon showing too.  My first tarpon trips start on Monday so we have a few more days for things to start up, but I imagine this weekend could be good for tarpon season with the forecast and current temperatures.  If anyone is looking to go in the next week here, as mentioned we’re loaded up with bait and ready to rock.  I’ll definitely be posting some reports as soon as we’re into them.

Capt. Trent did get on some juvenile tarpon action a couple of days ago fishing around some of the bay islands.  Those guys are a little more responsive in cooler weather scenarios – I think smaller fish and faster metabolisms possibly – so there are a few little guys around too.  But for the next few months if you want a big tarpon… this is the time!  We’ll likely be fishing the backcountry for tarpon through March and possibly early April, then it usually transitions to bridge fishing until sometime in June, then we go back to the backcountry once the big migration is over here and targeted the 30 to 70 lb residents back there all through the later summer and fall.

Give me a shout if you want to get out there, we’re ready!

(P.S. the tarpon pictured is under 40 inches and was removed from water quickly for a picture before release.  We never lift big tarpon out of the water it’s dangerous for them.)

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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