6/16/15 June Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Well after a couple days off I was back at it again today.  We caught bait early and whacked em good plenty of bait for the day in one throw!  We set up in some channels with the falling tide and it was fairly calm.  Saw a few fish roll but they weren’t super happy.  Eventually we got our bite and landed a nice 55 lb tarpon.  We sat for a while longer and the grass was pretty bad making it semi-tough to fish.  Eventually we hooked another fish and got him to the boat on the leader before he jumped off.  After that I decided to move and we ran out to the beaches looking for fish.  We found a good pack and caught one on the tide change.  After that it was game on with the start of the incoming tide we caught 4 more tarpon in about 2 1/2 hours!  Crazy bite everything that hit the water plus several sharks too.  We ended up landing all 7 bites we had which is my best day this year!  4 tarpon to the hand, and the other 3 we got next to the boat before they jumped and threw the hook but technical releases!  Jack and Jay had a blast and tarpon was what they were down here to catch.  Summer time fishing is as good as it gets right now and July and August can be very good too, sometimes better than the ‘prime time’ of March thru May plus you get the fishery all to yourself sometimes like we did today.  Look me up I have dates open in July!  7 for 7

Capt. Rick Stanczyk