4/22/15 More good islamorada tarpon fishing

Thought we may have gotten rained out today but not the case.  It poured until a little after 6 AM but then was nice and calm the rest of the day.  We had some good baits saved from yesterday afternoon and I went right to fishing with them.  We had some tarpon up pretty quickly right close by.  We had several cheap shots and probably a half dozen solid bites.  We hooked and landed two fish, all were smaller fish hence the tougher time getting the hooks in.  Thes ones we landed were both about 40 lbs.  Perfect for my anglers who were more interested in getting fish to cooperate for some good pictures rather than just catching numbers.  They got some great boatside pics on their digital SLR cameras.  Anyways after that we ran into the backcountry for some shark fishing and that was very good, we even jumped a couple more tarpon back there.  Solid fishing today throughout.  2 for 8

Capt. Rick Stanczyk