4/24/15 Florida Keys Bridge Tarpon Fishing in April

Well after yesterday I was a little nervous about the fishing today.  We tried a spot where we had good luck last night and saw fish all over the place rolling.  But again they just did not want to eat.  We had a couple blow up our baits, but not in the normal fashion where you see them trying to eat it.  These fish almost just skyrocketed straight out of the water right near the mullet but never grabbed him.  Anyways after an hour we decided to switch things up and try somewhere totally new where I hadn’t been in a while.  We saw plenty of fish and set up near some structure.  Soon we had fish chasing our baits and it was crazy action.  We landed 5 tarpon out of 15 or so bites, I honestly lost count.  I know we went through 18 live mullets though, a few of them cudas got, but thats how good the action was.  We also caught 3 on dead bait too.  Anyways we had 2 and a half hours of balls to the wall insane fishing with the last of the falling tide.  Once we ran out of bait we went to look for more and caught a little bit in a big mud.  Though we decided to cut the day to a 3/4 day and save the rest of our bait for tomorrow as I’m fishing the same party again.  Tough to top our morning anyways and didn’t make sense to go through tons of bait to maybe get one more bite after seeing what the morning was like.  5 for 15

Capt. Rick Stanczyk