6/4/15 June Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

More good tarpon action today.  We got out extra early as we had a slack tide to start the day.  We were able to catch the last trickle of falling tide for about 45 minutes.  Saw a few fish roll as the tide slacked and finally got our bite, though we jumped him off unfortunately.  After that we hung around a little longer though it got later in the morning and didn’t feel right.  So we ran in the backcountry.  Found some good fish off the mainland, our first bite back there after 20 minutes was a nice 80 lb tarpon we hooked and landed.  Got some good boatside pics thanks to another fellow captain.  After that things slowed a little we caught a few sharks.  Then when the tide started to quit back there fish popped up just outside of us.  We set up on them and caught 1 out of 3 in about 15 minutes!  I figured when the tide turned it was going to go off, though the fish didn’t respond after that.  Was very weird they bit on the slack tide and not the moving water… go figure!  Anyways a great day tarpon and sharks.  Bait is getting tougher and tougher I’m totally out of stock right now going to have to try to find something tomorrow!  2 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk