8/7/15 August Tarpon Fishing in Flamingo

More tarpon action today I had Jim and his son Chris out.  They are also fishing with me tomorrow.  We had a good day caught a little bait on the way out and had a bit leftover from yesterday.  We fished some of the channels and got Chris his first tarpon right off the bat a nice 35 lber.  After that it got very weedy and we moved around a bit, jumped channels, but no more tarpon action.  We did get a few sharks.  We caught some dinner later on snappers and some sea trout.  Then gave it a try out off the beach around noon time for the last little bit.  Not much where we first anchored though I did see a little surface activity splashing and such a few hundred yard from us.  We moved over there and put the baits out and soon we hooked a tarpon!  Chris had another one on and as he fought it, Jim hooked up on one too.  Making for a nice double header!  After that the boys had enough we made our way back home.  Will probably tarpon fish a little tomorrow but snook are on their minds so we may dedicate most the day to that.  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk