8/23/15 August Flamingo Tarpon Fishing Report Florida Keys

More tarpon fishing today I had a half day scheduled and wasn’t sure what the target species was going to be.  My customer Doug and his father had been out the day before tarpon fishing without much luck so they were originally wanting to do some rod bending.  However I told them it was still a far run to get to decent fishing this time of year even for simple rod bending, so they discussed it and decided to just do the tarpon thing again.  We ran back towards flamingo and fished some of the channels where the fish had been the last few days.  Caught the start of the incoming tide and fishing was good.  First we had a couple big rays on.  Next we hooked a nice 40 lb tarpon we landed from the dead boat, very nice for them to get one!  Then we hooked another tarpon of about 60 lbs that made several good runs and jumps, we had to chase him down for a little while.  After that we caught a couple sharks, a big lemon shark and a big blacktip shark.  We moved a little further down the channel for the last 30 minutes and jumped another tarpon, then soon after hooked another big fish of 80 lbs.  We landed him and that finished our morning.  Normally it is tough to do a half day trip back there as half your trip is just running back and forth, though since the islamorada tarpon fishing has been consistently good lately back there and I knew we wouldn’t have to wait on a tide change or anything, I thought it was worth the risk.  And it paid off!  Full day tomorrow will probably be hitting the same thing again in the early morning.  Not much on the books for next week we are definietly getting into ‘off season’ and not sure what this hurricane is going to do, but if you are in town and looking to go catch a silver king, lemme know!  3 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk