3/4/16 + 3/5/16 Everglades tarpon fishing report March

3/4/16 Today we did a mixed bag trip, it was myself and another boat for a group party.  In the morning we mackerel and tripletail fished, it was very productive.  Mid day we put the tarpon/shark gear out.  We did see some fish in the backcountry channels and moved around a few times trying to get in front of them, however we had no bites from the tarpon.  Plenty of small blacktip sharks though to keep busy.  We later tried around town again where I had found some fish the day before, however the tide was pretty slack and we saw no signs of life.  I fished 3 different spots and did not see any, however as stated we hit the tide at a bad time.  However we had a great day overall still catching plenty of other stuff.  The tarpon fishing isn’t quite good enough yet to dedicate the whole day to it, in my opinion!  0 for 0

3/5/16 Today we did a similar plan as yesterday.  Mackerel and tripletail in the morning followed by fishing the big rods out back again.  I tried a different area for the big rods and we found some various sharks – bulls, lemons, and blacktips.  In the distance I could see some busting and rolling tarpon, so after an hour we moved out in that zone.  We had to move around a couple times, but eventually we got in front of some happy fish and had a couple tarpon bites within 10 minutes of each other.  Unfortunately neither fish stayed on the hook for us, we caught a few more sharks.  We moved around again and we were able to hook and land a nice 50 lb tarpon plus a few more sharks.  After that the wind switched to due west and the tide slacked, which was kind of the end of our day.  But happy to get a nice poon!  1 for 3