Last week of April tarpon fishing in Islamorada 2024

Well another great week of fishing here in Islamorada for tarpon here at the end of April.  I fished my usual Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this past week.  We had fairly calm weather Monday and there were a ton of tarpon showing up at the bridge this week.  You could see them rolling and popping for a good ways into the bay too, not just laid up under the bridge.  Definitely the week that we got a huge push of fish down there so that is good to see.  Fishing was good we ended up landing 5 and we had bites out of 10 or more fish.  We even hooked a double header though unfortunately both fish came off for us!  Tuesday was pretty similar fishing wise we also landed 5 on this day.  The weather did switch around though we had a weak ‘cool’ front come in so we had north wind all day.  I had my regular customer Bill out and was glad to have a good day with him.  Finally Wednesday was back to traditional easterly wind though we were in the lee of it where we were though it was blowing pretty good 15-20 mph.  Another day with 5 fish that seemed to be the magic number this week and I think we had 8 or so bites.  Big hammerhead did get one fish on us unfortunately… really came out of nowhere and we broke the fish off though it grabbed her straight away.  The full moon was on Tuesday night as well which I normally don’t recommended planning in advance right around the full moon as sometimes it seems to slow the bite down.  Though didn’t seem to bother them this week much.  Anyways I’ll be back at it next week hoping we’ll have a strong May this year it looks like it might be possible with the big numbers of fish only now seeming to fill in at the bridge.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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