3/24/16 Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report

Got after some tarpon today after the ‘big chill’ a few days ago.  Temperatures plummeted back into the high 50s for one night and that really put a damper on our tarpon fishing right as things had started to get good.  Anyways luckily it was just a one night deal and things have slowly started to warm back up, however with the high kickin’ winds it’s been a slow process.  Yesterday we were able to catch some bait in the afternoon after a half day trip.  I used it today we tried fishing the bridges which I’ve had some luck on when things are on the chillier side.  Today however no luck there we had some nervous baits jumping around but nothing wanted to try and really eat them.  We even ran down the road towards the bigger bridges near marathon though there wasn’t much life there that i could see.  Of course with the high winds and ripping current it was tough to see anything that may of been laying on the bottom.  Anyways we bailed and went and caught some mackerels then gave the tarpon a try again on the way home.  We got in one of the local channels where I’d been finding them and right after all was looking glum we ended up hooking and landing a nice 50 lb fish right as the incoming tide was dying!  We decided to call it a day there so it was a good way to end it.  Fishing should improve slightly the coming week, however I do hear we have another front on the way (ugh!), though so far it looks to be much more mild so hopefully it won’t affect things to much.  And a good chance it may fizzle out altogether (i hope so!)  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk