7/10/16 July Everglade Tarpon fishing in Islamorada

Fishing got tough for us again today with the south southeasterly wind kicking up.  We found some big balls of mullet again on the way out so catching bait was easy.  But boy did the tarpon pull a vanishing act.  We tried one of the backcountry channels first thing since we were waiting on a tide change in the area where they had been the last few days.  No life just a few sharks.  We then hit the beaches and I never saw a fish for miles.  We fished a few areas where they were the last few days but only a few shark bites.  We ran a long way and eventually cut around one of the beach corners and saw a few tarpon free jumping.  Got lined up and saw a couple roll nearby and thought we were in them.  Though only a few more shark bites and then never saw the tarpon again.  Tried running around the beaches some more and never saw a thing, we fished another area and more sharks.  After that we bent the light rods with some trout and snapper which was good.  Finished up trying for tarpon again, ran around a couple different channels trying to locate some but did not see much. Finally saw a free jumper in a channel and fished it hard and moved 3 different times, but no bites unfortunately.  Anyways thats about the story of the year, have a few great days and then boom they keep you honest!  Back at it tomorrow.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk