2/19/17 Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys

Tried for the tarpon again, today it was slick calm early on in the morning and a light breeze out of the west later in the afternoon.  We struggled trying to catch our bait but were able to get enough after a little while.  We found a lot of tarpon rolling where they were the day before… but we didn’t have much tide.  We had the last trickle of incoming, then it was slack for 20 minutes or so.  Tarpon were floating all around us and we couldn’t get much out of them.  I know there were 3 other boats in the area and I don’t think any of them had any luck either.  Anyways we did catch some sharks.  The boys didn’t want to give it much more time after the little over an hour we had spent, we went and did some triple tail fishing and that was very good!  Oh well maybe we will get one tomorrow.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk