3/23/17 Tarpon Fishing in March Islamorada Florida Keys

Well today it got flat calm and conditions were ‘right!’  We caught some mullet on our way out, found some birds bombing on a flat and were able to get nearby in the channel and catch enough bait in a half dozen throws of the cast net.  We ran back into the everglades where we had found the tarpon yesterday, but today I knew we’d have tide all morning plus loaded with fresh bait so it was a good scenario.  The tarpon fishing was epic… I had Steven and his son Mason from Arkansas.  They had fished here before offshore, but never in the backcountry.  Today was their lucky day!  We proceeded to mash the tarpon… going 6 for 12 in about 3 1/2 hours!  It really does not ever get any better than that.  Around noon time, the boys had had their fill so we decided to just do some rod bending.  We caught plenty of trout and a handful of ladyfish.  Just an awesome day, the one i’ve been waiting for!  Definitely the best day I’ve had this year, though tomorrow it sounds like it’s suppose to change and blow 25.  Good thing I’m taking off.  Hopefully some of these fish will continue pushing through into the backcountry and locally here.  6 for 12

Capt. Rick Stanczyk