3/25/17 March Tarpon Fishing Islamorada in the Everglades

Got out today for a 3/4 day with Dennis and his daughter Molly down from Minnesota.  They didn’t have any specific requests for fishing, so I suggested we do a mix of light tackle and then try for some bigger stuff possibly tarpon and sharks.  Things worked out great we had good action with trout in the morning and did that for a little over an hour or so.  Then we checked a couple tarpon spots.  Nothing in the first set of channels, I had thought maybe some fish would of pushed in there with the weather warming up but didn’t see much though I didn’t try fishing it either.  I ran back to where the big school of tarpon was a few days ago, and there were still a few there!  They weren’t stacked up like the other day, but after a little looking around I started to see some signs of them.  We set up and within 15 minutes or so had a nice 75 lb fish on that Dennis caught.  We caught a few sharks too which Molly loved, and then she got to catch a tarpon roughly the same size as dads.  It jumped like crazy and hit the boat, we got the leader on it, but then the hook pulled before we could get a good picture though a legal catch.  After that we headed home and stopped to catch bait for tomorrow on the way.  Not sure what I’m doing tomorrow but I think I have a half day so may be fishing closer to town if it’s for tarpon.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk