5/19/17 May Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada Florida

Last day with Pete and crew today.  We stayed local around town, winds were still kicking though not as bad as the last couple of days, 15-20 most of the day not 25+.  Tides were still messed up from the hard winds and didn’t start/stop on schedule.  We found some fish in a few spots early but they didn’t want to play.  We finally had a little action later near afternoon time.  We had one bite by a bridge but unfortunately it was hung in the bottom and the line got cut right when the fish took off and jumped.  Later on the slack tide at another bridge, we had a nice 100+ lb fish eat though he went ballistic, charging the boat and then going the other way and jumping.  Somehow the hook didn’t stay in him though, the line was chaffed about 2 feet up so he had swallowed the bait, but it all came out bait and all.  Oh well, we were due to miss a few, the boys had caught fish on all 4 of the other trips and I think caught 9 in total in 5 days, not too bad considering the last 3 days were very tough conditions.  Tomorrow I’m scheduled for a full day not sure what we are gonna fish for, then off sunday.  Monday it looks like it’ll get nice again so hopefully we’ll have a good week of tarpon fishing.  0 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk