5/30/17 Late May Tarpon Fishing Islamorada

Got out with Chip and his sons Trey and Banks.  Tarpon were on the agenda.  We caught some mullet on the way out had to work for them a little but got a nice 50 or so.  We ran out to the mainland to catch the start of the falling tide.  Didn’t see much  for fish out there, I was really surprised as the winds were fairly calm and it looked good.  We tried a few spots, saw one jumper, and that was about it.  Did catch a few sharks.  We headed back to try the channels.  We got one in one of the channels after about 45 minutes, we had almost decided to call it quits but stuck it out and 5 minutes later we got a nice 75 lb fish!  We ran and tried another channel for the last bit, and found a good group of fish rolling and splashing around.  After getting set up on them, we got another nice 60 lb fish that gave a good fight.  The fish seemed to be moving with the tide and we then ran down to the end of the channel where we had seen a few bust and got another one straight away!  A nice 40 lb fish to end the day.  Tough start but a solid finish for the guys.  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk