7/5/17 July Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Back to the grind after a nice 4th of july weekend getaway.  Got out with Tapani Hennrikson over from Finland today for some tarpon fishing.  We caught some bait early and I had a little bit of a stash from before I left that stayed in fairly good shape since somebody helped me keep them tendered.  We checked a couple spots where the tarpon were before I left and didn’t see much, caught a nice lemon shark.  We moved out to check one last area and found the mother load.  Fish were busting and splashing, and I marked several on the bottom machine.  We had about an hour of tide and we went to work.  Tapani hooked the first couple and landed them.  We then caught a couple more on the dead stick on the rod holder, even got the last bite on the slack tide.  All in all we landed four out of four bites, and then we finished the day trying to get a ‘mud marlin’ for Tapani.  We caught several big sharks and finally got the mud marlin at the end of the day, only saw his tail before he cut us off.  Hopefully the fish will stay put, I got cancelled tomorrow so I am available if anyone wants to go last minute!  4 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk