4/23/18 Everglades Tarpon Fishing Full Day Trip

I had return customers Matt Newman and his son Zack out today.  They wanted to try for tarpon and snook.  I told them we’d been getting a few tarpon, and had some luck with snook yesterday but may be different today with the wind going more southerly.  We caught bait early and headed out back.  I went to a new area where I had a report there was a lot of fish.  It proved true there were a ton of tarpon around!  We got bit pretty quick and missed our first couple opportunities but soon Matt had a nice 100 lb tarpon on he landed!  Then it was Zacks turn he had a couple more bites and landed both fish, but one had gotten wrapped up in a tree limb or something though we did get the leader on him before he broke off for a technical release.  By 10:30 or so though things seemed to quiet down.  The tarpon quit showing and we had a couple big shark bites that broke us off.  After that we tried a few snook areas but didn’t have any luck with that unfortunately.  But overall great day with three big tarpon landed and missed a few more.  I heard it was very good locally around town too today, which is good news as I have some shorter half day and 3/4 day trips coming up.  3 for 7

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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