5/7/18 May Islamorada Tarpon Report

Well it slicked out today and I thought it was going to be one of those epic days…  But not so for us!  I had Ronald and his wife and we ran out into the backcountry.  They got their a little later then I had wanted to I changed my plans a bit but figured it’d still be a good bet.  But there were just not many fish at all out back anywhere… I think they must’ve moved out to spawn or something.  We checked quite a few areas, and I was in touch with several other guides too.  Only saw a handful of fish in a couple spots, and when I say a handful I mean just two or three!  We did have decent shark action at least, and got a nice triple tail on a GULP shrimp while waiting for tarpon.  We finally got one bite in the last hour of the day, though unfortunately it didn’t stay buttoned and spit the hook and bait straight away.  Another boat my buddy caught one next to us just before that.  Anyways hard fishing with perfect conditions.   I heard there were a lot of fish locally around town, but everybody said they were acting funny and not biting well either.  Doing the daisy chaining, all balled up looking like they were getting ready to spawn and such.  Anyways hopefully it’ll get better in our areas soon.  I have the same crew again tomorrow we are planning on the early departure, might make the long run to see if those fish are where they were yesterday!  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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