5/25/18 + 5/26/18 Memorial Day Weekend Tarpon Fishing Islamorada

5/25/18 – Got out for a 3/4 day we planned on a full day but with weather and bait being tough we opted to start with a half day and then extended it.  Bait was hard we tried to catch some without much luck and the bait guy called me a little later and was able to hook us up.  We fished around town saw a few tarpon early in one spot but no bites though did get a few sharks.  After that we tried near home and got into some nice jack crevelles and some small groupers on our light tackle.  No tarpon sighted here.  Tried another channel with no luck and then got a call that a few fish were biting back at one of the bridges.  We opted to stay a little later then but got down there and it wasn’t easy fishing.  Ripping current and the seaweed was very bad so you had to constantly check your baits.  A few fish were behind a couple of the boats but that seemed to be the only ones, we moved around and tried to get as close as we could but never had any interest.  After that we tried one more channel near home and got poured on and decided to call it a day.  But at least we had some action with other things.  0 for 0

5/26/18 – Nasty forecast today 100% chance of rain and fairly windy due to the tropical storm Alberto.  But we snuck out at 6 and it looked fairly clear but a nice cell of rain formed right as we left.  We avoided that one and fished where we started the day before.  Saw a few fish again in the same area, but this time we moved in and got a bite!  Caught a nice 90 lb tarpon, didn’t get good pics as it started to absolutely pour on us and we couldn’t see hardly 100 feet off the boat.  We landed the fish but he wouldn’t roll over boatside for a picture, so eventually he popped the line.  But my customers did get a little video of the fight and a few jumps so that was good.  We also caught a sting ray and bonnet head shark.  Called it a day after that as the rain didn’t quit but it did lighten up a little, enough to see to get home!  Glad to be on the board again hopefully fishing will get a little better overall after the full moon here and maybe our summer time fishery will start to get more consistent back in the everglades.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing