7/22/18 July Tarpon Fishing Islamorada with a west wind

Well all good things must come to an end and today unfortunately the streak of great fishing came to a screeching halt!  We didn’t blow the catch streak though and did manage to catch a tarpon at least.  We had a stiff west breeze and lots of thunderstorms around in the AM.  None of the fish much like a west wind in the backcountry, it blows onshore and mucks up the water.  Certain areas can be OK that are protected or super shallow, but not the stuff we regularly fish.  Anyways we made the run back and thankfully had bait already, as the bait dried up too due to the weather.  We looked hard in a couple channels and didn’t see much.  Though I did have a feeling one might be laying where we had caught some tarpon yesterday.  We set up and soon one rolled right behind us and we hooked him!  A nice 40 lber for Johnnie.  After that we got a big sting ray and that was it.  We tried another channel and got a sharpnose shark.  Then we tried out off the mainland and got a couple blacktips, that was all.  We looked in one of the creeks and found a bunch of small tarpon, but no action out of them.  They don’t typically respond well but figured it was worth a shot.  We then looked in a couple other areas and talked to a fellow guide who hadn’t had any luck with the tarpon.  We ended up finishing the day catching some trout which was actually pretty good fishing.  It looks like we’ll have this wind through tomorrow then it’ll be southwesterly but at least dying out to 5-10 mph so they may get happy again.  Back to it tomorrow I may change my game plan up we’ll see.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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