11/17/18 November Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada Florida

Well I have not been tarpon fishing much since the end of October.  The snook and redfish fishing in the everglades has been absolutely stellar.  The other day we had a cold front and things chilled down which really puts a hamper on the large tarpon.  But sometimes we do get the little guys going when this happens, and they feed on shrimp just like everybody else likes on chilly days.  Today my angler Emily really wanted to catch a tarpon.  We were having a great day with some redfish, drum, and snook already, and I told her I knew a spot we could try.  Well low and behold there were tons of little tarpon, and when I say little I mean 2 to 10 lbers!  They don’t always respond well, but we gave it a go and we had some really good fishing!  I don’t know exactly how many we got to bite, but we landed 9 of them between Emily and Mark.  Through the winter this is occasionally something that can happen.  But again as I stated on my fishing forecast, it’s not really the time to book a ‘tarpon charter’ until next spring when things get more consistent… usually by february some time when things warm up.  But of course we will get them here and there throughout the winter and I’ll keep updating my blog.  9 for 18

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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