3/26/19 Late March Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Fun day 2 with Mitch and Eddie. Ideal conditions again with a calm north wind. The tarpon seemed a little happier today as it warmed up slightly more. We first stopped and bailed a bunch of redfish in a spot, probably catching 30 or so. After that it was tarpon time. We found a few and soon Mitch hooked a nice one about 85 lbs we landed. A little later some sharks, and then we got into a few more tarpon. Eddie missed one and soon after Mitch had #2 on. A bigger fish 100+ lbs. He screamed out line Greyhound in we had to chase him fast! We caught up to it, and battled for a while. Got the fish boatside several times, but just didn’t want to roll over and we ended up popping it off on the leader. After that we moved around and not much , but next stop Mitch hooked a 3rd tarpon this one was small. We reeled it right to the boat as it jumped and spit the hook… A technical catch as we had the leader in the rod tip, but of course didn’t really feel like it. We ran around to another spot and found a few more tarpon. No luck keeping those guys on though, we jumped a couple more fish and caught a few more sharks. Eddie got a big tripletail too that floated by. All in all antoher fabulous day. Suppose to get colder tonight, and stiff north breeze tomorrow. The backcountry tarpon won’t be happy I don’t think, probably won’t mess up the local Islamorada tarpon as much. Not sure what we’ll be doing, but make that call in the AM!  3 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing