5/7/19 Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys in May

Day 2 this time with Chad and Mike. Tarpon fishing again around the bridges. We lost one right off the bat, line broke probably from rubbing in bridge after a good hard run. After that it was quiet for us for the next hour. We fished alongside the rest of their crew with Capt John Johansen as we did yesterday. But we just weren’t lined up on the biting fish while Capt John was banging away at them! Funny how it is sometimes. Anyways we moved once and then had to make a bigger mover further down. We got into some happier fish and Chad got a nice tarpon. Next it was Mike’s turn, he got a nice 75 lber that we chased all the way down to the end of the bridge for 45 minutes before popping on the leader. We set back up and soon Mike got another. This fish went in and out of the bridge, around someone’s anchor line, and all the places you didn’t want him too. But we stayed with it. Hard fighter but after an hour or so we had her. Unfortunately as I leadered her she kicked one more time and we got tip wrapped and broke her off before we could get any good boatside pics. Oh well so it goes! We gave it a bit longer but seemed it was over for us after that. We spent a good while fighting fish, just mean ones today! But Another great day, a handful of boats really knocked them dead.. not us today but it’s always a great day when your anglers all get to land a silver king in my book. 3 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing