5/8/19 May Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys Charter

Last day with the same crew as the previous two days.  We caught 3 tarpon so we had another pretty good day.  All of our action was early in the morning on the falling tide.  Once the tide turned we had one more bite that we missed.  Then didn’t do much for the next couple hours, finally getting zipped by one more before we called it a day.  The sister boat to our trip, Capt. John Johansen, caught one in the morning, then they ended up getting in the right spot and getting three later in the afternoon.  All in all good fishing!  Fishing Friday and then off Saturday, then another week of fishing.  May start mixing it up in the backcountry some, I’ve heard there are a few tarpon back there which is good to hear.  Getting a little tired of the bridge fishing myself and it’s getting crowded for sure!  3 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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