6/4/20 June Bridge Fishing for tarpon

Great day with Dan and Zack.  Weather was a little iffy but we met in the morning and made the call.  Looked like we’d be able to sneak out for a little while at least, but it turned out to be nice most of the day and we ended up coming home right before a big squall came through.  But cut it a little short doing a 6 hour trip and the boys each landed 2 nice tarpon.  We even had a double header hooked up but had to break one off as they went through different bridge spans.  Zack got a moose maybe 160/170 lbs I don’t know but huge, couldn’t get it to roll over for pics ended up breaking off but on the leader for a long time.  But dad got one in for good pictures and we got some great video too.  Speaking of which here is the latest youtube vid, my day with Jonathan and Kaylee a few days ago.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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