Early season January tarpon

Well we’ve had some early season warm weather here in the Florida Keys.  Though as I write this we are getting a couple cold fronts and the coldest it’s gotten all winter (~60 degrees).  But for the last couple weeks it’s been warm enough that a fair number of tarpon had been around.  I was out of town for some of that period, and didn’t focus on them much as we were fishing for other things.  But did get after some tarpon a couple different times.  And we caught a couple big ones the two days we tried it!  I’m predicting a fairly early start to our season though as I’ve said we have some cold weather coming now but often in recent years we’ve had fairly consistent tarpon fishing come the first or second week of February.  So it’ll definitely be on the radar for me.  I’m currently taking books for January and February, and will probably start taking some March bookings at the end of January.  Remember if you are interesting in mounting that trophy tarpon of a lifetime I will give you first ‘dibs’ on booking dates so don’t be afraid to ask me ahead of time.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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