7/28/13 July islamorada night tarpon fishing report

Well went out this evening for an evening tarpon fishing trip with my guys from yesterday.  Luck was with them again.  It started off slow we tried a spot and got a couple sharks and sting rays, saw some tarpon roll but no bites.  After a couple hours moved a mile or so away towards the other end of the channel and set up.  Tarpon popped up in a few places so it looked good.  Within 15 minutes we were hooked up.  After the fish made his first jumped, another rod went off – another double header for the boys again!  I told them that doesn’t happen very often and they had it twice in two trips.  We caught both fish of about 40 and 60 lbs.  About 15 miuntes later we jumped another fish off, and 15 minutes after that we hooked another fish this time a decent sized fish of 85 lbs or so.  Had to chase him through the bridge to the ocean, but landed him as well.  3 outta 4 is pretty good fishing especially before sunset this time of year.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk