8/19/13 Windy days late summer in august Islamorada

The wind has been howling the last several days and looks like it will continue to do so for a few more.  I am going out of town tomorrow so today was my last trip for a week or so.  Fishing has been tough with the wind lots of muddy water which is usually nice this time of year.  Bait has been easy to acquire though such as mullet.  We tried tarpon fishing some today in a few of the channels but not much action.  We did jump one tarpon after a long while plus had a shark that bit us off.  We ended up doing more stuff with the light rods such as trout and snappers and such.  I will likely be focusing on other stuff come september as things such as redfish and snook get much better. It is still quite possible to catch tarpon though a matter of getting lucky and finding them – right place, right time, and hopefully you have the right bait!

If your interested in trying to catch tarpon in the fall shoot me shoot me an email, if your dedicated to it and put your time in, really until the water temperatures drop later in November there is still a decent shot at getting some tarpon in the backcountry.  Of course in later October the fall mullet run usually goes on for a week or so, no telling when exactly but their is usually some crazy good tarpon action around then!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk