3/13/14 Prefrontal fishing in the florida keys

North wind today we are having another incoming front.  The water temp hasn’t dropped yet but will tonight which will make tarpon fishing a little tougher for a few days.  We had leftover mullet from yesterday and we gave it a go this morning.  We had action pretty quick, bites on both live and dead bait that we missed.  Finally got the hooks in one and caught a nice 65 lb fish the put on a show.  After that a few sharks, then hit the patch reefs for action/dinner.  We tried again in the afternoon in a spot I hadn’t fished before.  We hooked a possible double header after 30 minutes or so, though one dropped the bait and we never saw what it was but it took off like a tarpon.  The other rod had a nice 40 lb fish on the end and we caught him and came home.  Got some good jumping shots which was nice too!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk