4/23/14 Keys Tarpon Fishing Charter in April

Fished a full day today and stuck around town tarpon fishing for most of it.  We had a couple bites earlier near home where I’ve been having some luck.  Unfortunately both fish did not stick we jumped one off, the other we never saw but I assume tarpon.  After that we ran down the road around the bridges.  Lots of tarpon there again and lots of boats fishing.  We managed to catch a couple, one exciting bite on live mullet and the other on dead.  A 50 lb fish and then a nice 110 lb fish.  They seemed a bit happier today we saw several other boats hook up, nobody was crushing them but at least they were biting a bit.  The afternoon was slow we did spend an hour catching more bait, it was nice to see some mullet around as they’ve been scarce.  They were not easy to catch but we spent an hour and got 30 or so.  The afternoon back around home was slow just caught a big ray, saw a few tarpon roll in one channel but no bites.  Tomorrow looks like the wind will swing back around to the easterly quadrant.  That should be good news for all of us!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk