4/28/14 Tarpon Fishing Marathon Report

We ran down more towards marathon last night to tarpon fish.  The day before fishing was good down that way.  Locally the fishing has been tough lately in islamorada.  Yesterday morning I snapper fished around the bridges which was good, nice big snappers and other variety.  But I only saw one tarpon roll while doing that, and saw about 10 boats down there and not even a single hookup.  So it’s been more productive to run south.  So we did last night but fishing was tough down there too.  We had a couple cheap shots and finally hooked a nice fish, but my angler made the mistake of jerking back while he jumped and he was gone quickly.  Never jerk back or keep the rod high when a tarpon jumps, once the hook is set always bow to the king when he jumps.  Alas that was our only shot at a fish down there, we had one more solid bite up near islamorada making a last drift at the end of the evening, but we missed him too just didn’t get the hook set.  Not our night.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk