4/27/14 More good tarpon fishing in Islamorada

Did a full day tarpon fishing around town here today.  The morning was tough we had one bite right off the bat but missed him.  Tried a few spots around ch 2, ch 5, and in the bay.  We had a few other cheap shots at 5 but no real connection.  We did catch some monster mangrove snappers and a nice would-be legal size black grouper, but doesn’t open for a few more days :(.  We ran down to long key bridge my buddy said they were biting.  We caught one on the last of the incoming tide there on live bait.  Then the tide switched we had a few bites on dead bait, lost one in the bridge.  When the tide got really rolling we got bit up on the ocean side.  Everyone in the area was having bites, we caught 2 more fish and then it was time to come home.  So I think 3 for maybe 8 on the day, great tarpon fishing in islamorada in april!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk