5/7/14 Morning and evening half day tarpon fishing islamorada

Fished a morning half and an evening trip today.  This morning we had caught the last of the incoming followed by a quick turnaround to the falling tide.  We caught 1 fish right away a nice 40 lber by the bridge on a live mullet.  After that we did not have much action for a while.  Saw a handful of other fish hooked at that bridge and the other bridge, but not a whole lot going on.  We ran back near the marina to fish some channels and had one bite that sucked us off right before it was time to head in.  So 1 for 2 slow morning but glad we got one!  This evening was different I had heard the late afternoon was a good bite, we caught the last couple hours of the incoming tide and it was good.  We caught 4 out of 6 tarpon all big lunkers 100+ lbs including a 160 lb or so moose!  We fished 3 to 7 leaving a little bit early and it paid off.  Great fish big and pretty.  Fishing can always change just like that!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk