5/21/14 May Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

We had our big group again of the boys across the pond from the UK.  A big may islamorada tarpon fishing extravaganza!  They’ve fished us the last four days and the fishing has been on the tough side.  To start with we had the remnants of a very late cold front – a drop in temperature and extremely high winds of 20+ mph every day.  Today the wind finally laid off a little bit, at least it was 10 mph in the morning though picked up to 15 in the afternoon.  Bob and Terry were with me today they both were keen to catch a tarpon and had not done so yet on the trip.  Both landed nice fish today one in the 85 lb range and the other close to 100 lb.  We had to work very hard for the 2 bites we had.  Never had any action on the live baits no cheap shots just nervous baits from time to time.  The fish seem to definitely be put off this week it has been the toughest week tarpon fishing I’ve had all year, and usually this is when things start to stabilize and get consistent.  Oh well every year is different and at least we are catching some.  I think things will get better next week, this weekend will likely have a lot of crazys out with the holidays and I imagine the boat traffic will be insane.  I’m taking Saturday off, my first full day off in over 2 months – I think I deserve it!  Maybe i’ll go fishing!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk