5/12/18 May Half Day Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Got out today with Jim and Bob for a half day of tarpon fishing in Islamorada.  The weather looked like it may be an issue but the morning would not be a problem to get in.  We caught some bait early on and headed out.  Found a load of fish at one of the bridges.  We had to move around a bit but there was a short window where they were active.  Quite a few cheap shots and misses but Jim hooked up a nice 65 lb fish.  Most the boats there probably 6 or so hooked up in that window.  We had to chase him through the bridge and cut a few fishermens lines that were fishing from the bridge, always hate the weekend when we must fish around town there, but luckily we got the fish!  After that we set back up and had a fish up chasing a mullet immediately, but he didn’t eat and then the tide slowed and it seemed like things just turned off.  We tried at another bridge and saw some fish but no love, and then tried up near home for the last 45 minutes and saw a bunch of fish there too but no action out of them either.  Glad we were where we needed to be when the gettin’ was good!  Full day tomorrow I’ll be running out into the backcountry as long as the weather allows it, rain is in the forecast for sure but today really didn’t end up being too bad even though it was suppose to.  Can never trust the weather man!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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