5/4/15 + 5/6/15 May Tarpon Fishing Report

Well I had a couple days off, Sunday was a planned day off and yesterday we had imminent threats of rain and lightning in the morning so I called it off.  I had caught a cold too and wasn’t looking forward to being drizzled on after fishing monday.  Anyways I am better now.  Unfortunately the tarpon fishing has definitely slowed down we had a little bit of a late front hit us and the water has chilled down to 74 degrees or so.  Monday we had ran in the backcountry to fish and normally I wouldn’t of gone back there but my customers wanted to.  We only had 2 shark bites fishing the big rods and then we did catch a load of trout, ladyfish, snapper, and jacks to bend the rod.  No tarpon bites back there but didn’t expect it to be much good.  This morning around town here I was surprised how cold the water had got, usually with an incoming tide and being closer to the Atlantic it would of stayed a little warmer.  But anyways we had a north breeze and plenty of fish around but they were not really happy.  We had fished 5 different spots and saw fish in each spot but only had one bite.  A small fish on dead bait and he threw the hook soon after we hooked him.  I didn’t see anyone out there catch a fish and there was a lot of boats as there is a tournament going on.  Things should improve the wind has slicked out now and I imagine it will warm up considerably given a day and that should make the fish much more happy.  I’ve got a night trip tonight hopefully that will be better.  0 for 0 and 0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk