6/2/15 June Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Half Day Report

Today we had some weather to worry about.  Nothing much materialized as far as rain and lightning thankfully, though looks like this evening we will be getting wet.  We had incoming tide all morning.  I got out early again at 6 and we were able to hook a nice fish within 30 minutes.  One that did not want to give up we fought him for an hour and 45 minutes, I think the longest tarpon battle I’ve had all year and probably for several years!  He wasn’t super huge, about 90 lbs, but got in the heavy bridge current and just would not budge.  But we eventually landed him and my anglers got some good pics, and sent him off unharmed he swam away effortlessly.  Sometimes when you battle fish for that long it can over stress them, but this did not seem to be the case and being he was the size he was, I feel he was probably not too old.  After that the bite really shut off we saw a few more fish roll but only caught a ray and a shark.  Tried a few other areas and only saw one other rolling fish, but no action.  Finished up we hooked something big on the bottom we fought for 15 minutes, but the hook opened up and never got a look at it – possibly a big ‘mud marlin’.  Anyways suppose to get out again tomorrow if the rain lets us.  I had heard there were a lot of fish that showed up down south of us, however only one of several captains I talked to had a bite out of them.  They were super finicky possibly due to the full moon.  1 for 1