6/9/15 June Tarpon Fishing Report

Well the streak is over after about 3 weeks of catching tarpon every trip.  Not that we didn’t have our shot though.  We went into the backcountry where the fish were good the last few days.  Though today it was flat calm and then a light southerly breeze.  We saw fish rolling and we did hook one first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately he just came unbuttoned as we were chasing him, pulled the hook.  After that no more tarpon bites we caught a bunch of different kinds of sharks, and a few trout and snappers.  They just did not seem really happy today for whatever reason, sometimes the slick calm makes them much more leary.  Amazing how the fishing can change from yesterday to today.  Oh well that’s why it’s called fishing!  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk