8/9/15 August Islamorada Everglades Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out with the family and friends today.  We had some leftover mullet though caught a handful of fresh ones on the way over.  Big rain storm blew up when we got into the backcountry so we were chased way up to the east, though were able to sit on the edge of it and fish in one of the channels.  It worked out well for us, we hooked a double header tarpon right away that we caught!  After that my wife Liz caught a tarpon too.  Got in on the right hungry pack.  After that we decided to try some snook fishing and we caught a few baits for that, though they weren’t easy.  Picked away at some snook and a few other creatures.  Then tried another spot for tarpon on the way home.  A place I’ve never really tarpon fished before but have seen fish in a few times.  It was worth it we saw a couple tarpon roll when we got there.  Caught a big blacktip shark, then hooked something that cut us off we weren’t sure what it was, then finally got a 60 lb tarpon.  I landed him myself, have not done that in a while!  He came in pretty easily though only a 5 minute battle.  Anyways great day and good to have success trying something new!  Day off tomorrow though booked tuesday and thursday, maybe some other stuff will fill in to!  4 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk