4/9/16 Islamorada half day tarpon report

Tough fishing for me again today we had a stiff northerly breeze and a mild cold front get us again.  Temperatures got into the mid 60s not terribly cold but the fish aren’t liking it.  We got out around the bridge where they bit a little yesterday and we did have some action early on with the last of the falling tide.  I tried to get my guys to go as early as we could we left the dock at 630.  Saw some boats hooked up on the way so they are feeding on the falling tides in the dark a bit more with the chilly weather I think.  Anyways we had several cheap shots and finally hooked a nice 50 lb fish though we jumped him off unfortunately.  That was all in the first hour and not much action after that.  I tried a few channels close to home and didn’t see much.  My buddy did say they had a couple bites in another channel near home and I guess a couple other boats did there too.  Right now there is no consistency to it as I have mentioned, if something works one day you may as well just try something completely different the next day.  Anyways looks like we are getting more easterly winds later in the week and hopefully the temperatures will rise a little more too.  Day off for me tomorrow I can use one for sure!  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk