4/8/16 Islamorada April Tarpon Fishing

Got out for a half day this morning.  We had another weak cold front hit us though the temperature didn’t drop much the wind swung around from west last night to north this morning.  We found plenty of fish everywhere though they were in that unhappy mood.  Giving high tail flaps when they were rolling and smacking the water – usually not a good sign.  We had several fish up and after the bait but they were making an almost angry pass at it, slapping the water very hard and creating a big explosion, but would keep missing the bait.  Never to come back again for it.  We also had about a dozen fish ‘flash’ the bait, where they come right up like they are going to eat but turn away at the last second, leaving a big flash of silver in the water and a boil in the surf.  Anyways it was frustrating there was one group of fish biting though only a couple boats were properly lined up on them out of about a dozen boats fishing the bridge.  We did manage to hook a fish nearby there though we jumped him off soon after.  Sucks to strike out but I gave it everything we even tried a last spot where we probably saw 500 fish rolling but they kept doing what I mentioned above – never quite getting the bait and flashing it most of the time.  Winds are suppose to stay north tomorrow but hopefully they will be more cooperative.  I’m sure the weekend will be even busier than today, I hope we can get a fish!  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk