4/7/16 half day islamorada tarpon fishing charter

Had a morning and an evening trip today.  This morning we got bait good early and I loaded up and headed out.  The morning bite was slow we saw plenty of fish though they were unresponsive, kind of similar to the previous day.  The wind had really slicked out as well.  Later in the morning we eventually had a tarpon flash and crush a mullet, but not an aggressive eat where we got the hook in him.  We moved around a few times and eventually once the tide slowed they did start biting a little, several boats around us hooked up and I moved with my trolling motor into ‘the zone’ and we soon hooked up ourselves.  I put in a little overtime but we finally got a good fish to make the morning.

This evening the bite was much better we had a ripping falling tide, about as hard as I’ve seen it fall out.  The west wind was a light breeze but behind the tide pushing it harder.  We had two bites in the first hour though both fish jumped off after several seconds it was hard to keep them on in the hard ripping tide I think.  Later we moved near a bridge and we had some cheap shots, several flashes on the baits.  We had another decent bite we didn’t hook the fish though, and finally I dragged over with the trolling motor again and we got a bite while moving.  We hooked the fish and what a fight I had to float the rod through the bridge though we landed the fish.  No pictures today as I was playing with the bridges on both fish landed and didn’t have the time nor skill to also hold a camera.  1 for 2 and 1 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk