5/16/16 May Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

Got out today for a 3/4 day we left early departing at 6 AM.  Bait was a little tough luckily I had some stashed away but we caught another dozen or so baits whilst out there.  Tried some channels in the backcountry first while waiting for the tide to start in the area I had been seeing them.  A few sharks there though not much for tarpon life.  We ran back to the next area soon after and caught the tide change though fish were rolling around not as many as yesterday.  We hooked one on the tide change and reeled him to the boat very quickly we got the leader on the rod tip and then he jumped and threw the hook.  A technical release though not much of a fight!  Anyways once the tide got rolling I thought we’d see more fish but we only continued to see a handful though we did get another bite though jumped off the second fish.  After that some rain chased us out of there we tried around town for the last 45 minutes but not much else.  Anyways good to get one again.  I caught some more bait this afternoon the wind was blowing a bit making it easier to catch bait in the muds so I’ll be ready for tomorrow.  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk