5/25/16 May Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Got out today for a full day after having a much needed day off yesterday.  The winds kicked up quite a bit, blowing a good 15 mph and probably 20 mph by the time the day ended.  Anyways I had Mark and Steve out from Kentucky and they are also fishing with me tomorrow.  We left out early and caught a bit of bait in the backcountry.  Some mullet have been showing up in the usual summer time spots hopefully they stay there!  After a half hour we had enough to fish for the day with.  We jumped in some channels and had the start of the falling tide.  We soon hooked a nice 90 lb fish Mark landed pretty quickly.  Nice to get a bite straight away for sure!  After that we had a little shark action and after an hour or so we hooked another tarpon of about the same size.  He ran around a little bit more and we chased him down and got some good pictures by the boat.  After that it was Steves turn he hooked a nice lemon shark about 100 lbs or so.  Then he got his shot at a tarpon not quite as big but a nice fish none the less, a 40 lber.  After that we caught a few more blacktip sharks, a lemon, and a couple nurse sharks were mixed in there.  Action packed and didn’t have to move much all day.  We will be at it again tomorrow hopefully the fish stay put!  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk