6/9/16 Islamorada Tarpon Report

Got out today for a full day and went back into the everglades.  We caught plenty of mullet on the way it was nice the bait was very cooperative.  We jumped a tarpon off right away in the first spot, then not much else.  Caught a few big sharks after that in another spot, then some smaller sharks in the next.  Had a tarpon jump right by the boat we swore was hooked, but the lines never moved.  Then we finally caught a tarpon a small 40 lber though happy to get one!  After that a few more sharks, and then the last spot the same thing happened we had two tarpon jump next to the boat.  But again they never touched the bait or anything, very weird that doesn’t happen often and for it to happen three times???  Anyways we finished up with a few more sharks, good action throughout the day and happy to have landed a tarpon!  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk