6/10/16 + 6/11/16 Islamorada Tarpon Report

6/10/16 – Today I had Mike and his son Mike out again.  We caught bait in the morning and gave the tarpon a shot early.  Very weak tide so we didn’t stay for long but they wanted to give snook a shot.  We had good snook action and caught a baby tarpon while doing that too which was very cool.  We tried the tarpon again later on the falling tide in the afternoon, and in the last hour caught a couple nice fish of 50 lbs or so.  Great day of fishing!  3 for 3

6/11/16 – Today I had Sarah and Barry who fished with me last year coming all the way from across the pond.  Bait was easy first thing we caught plenty of fresh mullet.  Fishing was difficult we found a decent group of tarpon in the first stop but they didn’t bite for us unfortunately.  Next stop there were tons of tarpon in the channel however very finicky again.  We had them tail slapping right behind the boat but never touched the baits.  We put live ones out too but not a sniff, though a shark did try to eat it.  We did catch a few small sharks and a big ray.  Anyways tried the snook again and the bait was easy but snook fishing was slow we caught 1 and lost 1.  Then tried the tarpon again the last hour on the falling tide, but no dice we caught a few more sharks to finish the day.  Hopefully they’ll bite better tomorrow!  0 for 0